I'm S-S-S-Serious!

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AARP Meet-Up

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Four Wheel Drive Didn't Seem So Important Anymore

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You Are What You Eat

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The Bales of Religion

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Time To Meet the Clockidiles

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She Looks Good For a Flying Reptile!

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Located on 221B Baker Street

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William Snakespeare

Hall of Fame juxtaposition literalism prefix shakespeare shoop similar sounding snake william shakespeare pun - 5684595712

Down in the Dumps Furniture

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Makes It Wayne Everyday

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Clawed Pains

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Why'd They Send Me Sharpies When I Asked For Pens?

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My Taste Buds Are Already Barking!

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We'll Wait, Fur a Bit

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The Chamber of Seacrest

Harry Potter pun - 7769700352
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