Eel Puns

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Sounds Like a Lovely Place, Really

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funny and bad science puns, chemistry, biology, astronomy, math, the periodic table.

Nerd Out: 23 Mostly-Painful Science Puns

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This Pun Is Just Paneful

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Fly Like a Music Pun

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Bearly There Makeup Has Come a Long Way

panda pun girls make up - 7802529792
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Songs to Wear Pants to Goes Punder the Sea

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Where Does He Keep Tinkerbell Though?

costume pun clever peter pan poorly dressed - 7806415872

Yeah, but I'm Sure You Herd Me...

ewe pun sheep funny - 7868818432
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Now Put Your Hands Up

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Random Access Memories

pun Music g rated - 7768198400

Vigilant Watch Is Best

pun under watch - 7754969088

I've Ron Out of Jokes

Harry Potter Ron Weasley keeper pun - 7153557760

Does He Bake Hot Crossed Puns?

pun Memes Raptor - 8797432576
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Take the Stairs

pun stairs take - 7763348480
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