Octopi Wall Street!

occupy pun octopus - 7745809408
See all captions By SirNottaguy-Imadad

And They All Look the Same

russian dolls pun - 7765876224
By Unknown

Indeed it Did

similar sounding literalism pun - 7101940224
By Unknown
ocean prefix pun sea theme Video water - 36971009

Songs to Wear Pants to Goes Punder the Sea

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But Only Where You Want

pun cut - 7769645568
By Unknown

If a Gopher Could Go For a Beer, Which Beer Would a Gopher Go For?

beer pun - 7763550976
By Unknown


baseball classic pun puns sports whos-on-first - 3939734272
By Feline_Groovy

Meghan Gave You A Choice

pun - 7803394048
By EKessler

Digging Your Own Grave

arrest crime guilty Hall of Fame oops pun punishment - 5127028736
By AWizardOnTheMoon (Via www.hejibits.com)

Sari for the Pun. I'll See Myself Out

pun name image - 8796991232
Via Stuffmyfacewithmomos

Vigilant Watch Is Best

pun under watch - 7754969088
By Unknown

Or You'll Pickle Me Off

pun pickle dill - 7724894720
By Jrsbbusa3000 (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

CSI: Ponyville

pun twilight sparkle csi - 7887519744
By Kaoss Walker

Top Shelf

alcohol pun - 7916500480
By Unknown

Not a Good Day To Die Hard

pun bruce willis die hard - 7768188928
By Unknown

Tom's A Playrock

pun rock MLP - 7881091840
By DJNightmar3
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