I Don't See What the Treble Here Is

c double meaning Hall of Fame language Music note - 6340434176
Created by TITLE_HERE_of_teh_Internetz


band literalism Music pillsbury reminiscing - 4564540160
Created by Unknown

Demi is Top of the EKG Charts

Music puns television - 7874061056
Created by Unknown

I Just Hope That Piano Doesn't Have A# Edge For Your Sake!

b double meaning flat Hall of Fame literalism Music note - 6230059776
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Fly Like a Music Pun

pun Music g rated - 7555069184
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depressed double meaning down flat Lame Pun Coon meme Music musicians - 4570220800
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So Punny, You Can't Even Handel It

Beethoven Music puns van handel Bach funny classical music - 7507495168
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Sweet Ride of Mine!

cars puns Music slash - 8002358528
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Fishin' For Some Tunes

pun failbook bass Music g rated - 7802831616
Created by McLovinWIN

Crashing the Music Billboards in 2008

Music beyoncé puns - 7819335168
Created by Unknown

Actually, We're Just Fans of Fans

metal Music puns fans funny - 7559211008
Created by abyssquick

The Best Way To Map Popular Music

Chart famous Hall of Fame How To lyrics Music prefix road song Songs suffix train - 4646619904
Created by tonis

This Pun Is So Vanilla

lyrics puns Music Vanilla Ice - 7901277184
Created by Unknown

The perfect Marketing Pun Doesn't Exi---

store sign pun that is absolutely perfect - strumming my pain with his fingers, living the world with his word, grilling me softly with his tongs
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A Major Pain

Music puns funny - 7521815040
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guitar Music octopus rock - 4012345344
Created by Unknown
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