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It Was Only a Fish, It Was Only a Fish

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43 Noteworthy Musical Memes That'll Rid You Of Your Trebles

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Wolfgang Lambadeus Mozart

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Nicki Spinaj

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Entitled streamer wants free music for exposure | My rate is 50$ per minute completed music. Is alright? Here is my full commission info if want take look. lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/viewtop 3:12 PM 50$ is too much. Im going be big streamer so should get an exposure discount since thousands will hear music. 3:16 PM Can have link twitch (or whatever site dont really work free anymore, sorry. My rates are already pretty low considering time investment, but maybe can work out some small discount if

Entitled Streamer Demands Music for Exposure, Gets Nothing

Great business strategy, dude.
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Fly Like a Music Pun

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Funny twitter reactions, tweets, people react to spotify wrapped 2020, spotify memes | opening spotify wrapped in 2020 DO YOU THINK A DEPRESSED PERSON COULD MAKE THIS Ben Wyatt | spotify wrapped every single year i am going to expose your mental state in a way that is so uncalled for Sue Sylvester

Funny & Embarassed Reactions To Spotify Wrapped 2020

Please don't judge us for this year's listening habits.
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Dubstep is the Gift That Keeps on Dropping

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Isn't Miley Their Lead Singer?

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The Pretender

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Musings on Music Theory

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Someone Know's How to Rock 'n Roll Around the Christmas Tree

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