Best Branding Ever?

added letter brand comparison contrast Hall of Fame letter lolwut meme similar sounding t - 4970764288
By xyzpdq1

Care For One?

letter literalism tea cup homophone double meaning t - 6891845120
Via Nabhan Abdullatif

I Was Framed!

double meaning exclamation framed I letter literalism - 6172273408
By Hyper.Threaded

A Capital Contradiction

ä capital double meaning Hall of Fame letter literalism - 5225142784
By skeptical man

And Sometimes its Radiance Stings

beauty bee beholder difference eye idiom letter literalism lolwut similar sounding pun words meme - 5331952384
By Unknown

And I Thought My Catnip Smuggling Ring Was Gonna Be the Purrfect Crime!

Hall of Fame kitten letter me meme meow out similar sounding t - 6363150080
By Dan21

Well Here's Something I Would Never Want to See Every Day...

double meaning letter literalism past tense verb - 5675001088
By JanosP

Fixed It!

letter literalism missing stairs stars - 6068479232
By xyzpdq1


gifs Hall of Fame juxtaposition letter literalism mao muppet muppets puppet similar sounding switch - 5671717376
By Unknown

Technically it's a Spoonerism...

jeans jelly letter letters switch - 5253181696
By Meme_maker

Trolldad is the Best Dad

cup double meaning letter literalism tea trolling - 5833608704
By Unknown


zebra bra letter literalism double meaning - 6749204736
By trishmelv


boo carp crap dyslexia fish Hall of Fame letter surprise switching - 4843247872
By Unknown

It's a Good Letter

Hall of Fame letter lolwut Pirate sound - 5130939648
By xyzpdq1


broken letter missing π perfect sign - 4135716864
By Unknown

I Hear Sato Designed the Prototype

amon Avatar bender letter similar sounding The Legend of Korra - 6446260736
By sixonefive72
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