It's a Good Letter

Hall of Fame letter lolwut Pirate sound - 5130939648
Created by xyzpdq1

Pupper Soul

dogs g Hall of Fame letter literalism logo replacement similar sounding t the Beatles - 6212349952


alone forever forever alone letter meme missing - 4489223680
Created by SporkMaster83

Fixed It!

letter literalism missing stairs stars - 6068479232
Created by xyzpdq1

I Was Framed!

double meaning exclamation framed I letter literalism - 6172273408
Created by Hyper.Threaded

Technically it's a Spoonerism...

jeans jelly letter letters switch - 5253181696
Created by Meme_maker

And I Thought My Catnip Smuggling Ring Was Gonna Be the Purrfect Crime!

Hall of Fame kitten letter me meme meow out similar sounding t - 6363150080
Created by Dan21

It's Your Go-To Guide for Morning CARRRRdio

difference Hall of Fame Johnny Depp letter literalism pirates Pirates of the Caribbean replacement similar sounding - 4721085952
Created by JakeLim


letter literalism pattern similar sounding tape - 5251724544

Cool Slogan, Bro

error Hall of Fame letter missing missing letter similar sounding slogan t terror - 5463668992
Created by tonis

God Hates Figs

ä bible derogatory figs god Hall of Fame I letter similar sounding - 5773787648
Created by Criss.M

Only Made for Cuban Puns

cube homophones letter similar sounding - 5825753856
Created by butactually

Thanks for That, Mom.

trolling letter literalism tea cup homophone t - 6983759104
Via NikNaks Blog

A Capital Contradiction

ä capital double meaning Hall of Fame letter literalism - 5225142784
Created by Unknown

He's an Olympian Alumnus

class difference letter literalism - 5218539264
Created by trollcave_08


c do not want evil goats letter shape trolling - 4133952512
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