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Happy Halloween!

gifs halloween puns cute hallowmeme g rated - 7875928576
Created by Unknown

At Least They Didn't Damage Your Axl

Music slash pun g rated - 7787664640
Created by Unknown

You're the Only Cephalopod for Me, Darlin'

puns funny g rated dating - 7835113984
Via KnitQueer

This Fall's Fashion is a Scream!

fashion halloween puns g rated - 7854429696
Via realfun-funeral

They're After Me Lucky Charms!

daft punk Music g rated - 7711665152

Thanksgiving is for Tryp-tophan Adventures

fashion sweater after 12 g rated - 7924012288
Created by Unknown

Your Lips Are Sealed

glue puns makeup g rated poorly dressed - 7929509888
Created by Unknown

Dewy Decimal System of LOLs

I see what you did there batman monday thru friday g rated - 7812989952
Created by Unknown

Guitar Puns

guitar puns facebook Music g rated - 7729482240
Created by babybear2810

CTRL Yourself - Keyboard Joke

Space is The Final Frontier - Funny meme from a picture of a keyboard with THE FINAL FRONTIER written across the space bar.
Created by Unknown

Fishin' For Some Tunes

pun failbook bass Music g rated - 7802831616
Created by McLovinWIN

Everyone's Favorite Part of Halloween

halloween puns hallowmeme g rated - 7879253760
Created by Unknown

This Kid Was a Smooth Criminal

pickup line puns cute funny g rated dating - 7777304576
Created by Unknown

Random Access Memories

pun Music g rated - 7768198400
Created by Unknown

Tonya Stark

costume halloween kids g rated poorly dressed - 7847214592
Created by Unknown

Weapuns of Math Destruction

puns math failbook g rated - 4772183552
Created by Unknown