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Random Access Memories

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Created by Unknown

Fishin' For Some Tunes

pun failbook bass Music g rated - 7802831616
Created by McLovinWIN

Someone Needs to Shape Up

FAIL puns text AutocoWrecks g rated - 7897607424
Created by Unknown

You Won't Regret These Tearable Puns

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It Wasn't Supposed to End This Way

puns comic funny g rated dating web comics - 7728332544
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It Was Only a Fish, It Was Only a Fish

Music lyrics puns g rated - 8013317888
Created by Unknown

You're the Only Cephalopod for Me, Darlin'

puns funny g rated dating - 7835113984
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This Kid Was a Smooth Criminal

pickup line puns cute funny g rated dating - 7777304576
Created by Unknown

Pigachu, I Choose You!

cake Pokémon puns parenting g rated - 7884291840
Created by Unknown

Happy Halloween!

gifs halloween puns cute hallowmeme g rated - 7875928576
Created by Unknown

The Rare Bobcat Forages for Food in a Desolate Wasteland

animals zoo g rated - 7936555264
Created by Unknown

Ghosts Got Game

halloween comics puns ghosts hallowmeme g rated - 7844582912
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Bovine Hairstyles Require a Full Night's Rest

cow comic poorly dressed g rated - 7847244032
Created by Unknown

A Quick Costume That Won't Cost You Your Soul To Make

costume halloween puns poorly dressed g rated - 7868625152
Created by Unknown

Dewy Decimal System of LOLs

I see what you did there batman monday thru friday g rated - 7812989952
Created by Unknown

Reese's Clutch Award Show Accessory

fashion puns celeb poorly dressed g rated - 8002120960
Via f**kyeahalbuquerque
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