double entendre

You know, whenever I start feeling a bit blue, I start breathing again. Double Entendre at it's finest. 

Ivar the Chicken

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Created by _C_A_T_

Welcome to Television Circa 2013

question innuendo answer gross double entendre advice - 7114657792
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It Does Look Pretty Easy to Get to Her End

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Created by Rudedawwg

College Parties Are SO Predictable

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Created by Craptabulous

Hairy Legs

hairy Harry Potter literalism homophone harry double meaning puns double entendre bad pun - 6764197632
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Looks Like Somebody's a Derivative That Wants to Lay Tangent to Her Curves...

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SMP CLASSIC: 555 Numbers Are ALWAYS Trustworthy

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Created by Mission_Possible

A Very Kirby Valentine

kirby euphemism double entendre video games double meaning Valentines day - 7064307200
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Just Let Me Know When You're Going to Crumb

cliché double entendre double meaning Hall of Fame hot innuendo inside literalism toast want - 5158984960
Created by xyzpdq1
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