doctor who

Don't Blink!

geometry tumblr puns doctor who math funny - 7645220864
Via jetstreak

Who's On First?

baseball classic doctor who double meaning Hall of Fame literalism whos-on-first - 5325726976
By Richdog

Doctor Hoo!

owls onomatopoeia doctor who homophone - 7104311296
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David Tennant puns Matt Smith doctor who funny - 7546312704
By Unknown

Doctor Who Better Ties the Room Together?

gifs David Tennant tent mat similar sounding Matt Smith literalism doctor who - 6895043840
By Unknown

It's Doctor Hoot, the Punlord

tardis doctor who - 7354961664
By Unknown

When You're the Lord of Something, You Can Do Whatever You Want With it!

answer docs doctor who double meaning Hall of Fame homophones literalism pair paradox question time - 5456376576
By Dubulous

The Long Lost Dr. Seuss Title

doctor who double meaning dr seuss elephant Hall of Fame literalism tardis - 5091987456
By ammusionist

Matt Smith Said it So it Must Be True

doctor who Hall of Fame literalism Matt Smith similar sounding - 5863182592
By Tellyporter231

Doctor Que?

doctor who Hall of Fame literalism similar sounding sombrero tardis - 6084910848
By Scarecrow2012

Just ACUTE One, if You Ask Me

angle cute doctor who - 7149137408
By Cruncle

The Twowlth Doctor

doctor who double meaning homophone literalism Owl sound - 6562370560
By EtchArtist (Via Cafe Press)

It Really is a Very Spicy Show

doctor who homophone literalism lord thyme - 4870102016
By Wings-Of-Fire

Spanish Doctor Who is Best Doctor Who

gifs spanish tardis similar sounding doctor who hashtag - 6978277120
By Unknown
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