doctor who


David Tennant puns Matt Smith doctor who funny - 7546312704
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Quite Possibly the Worst Kind of Treatment

literalism doctor who - 7140505856
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Just ACUTE One, if You Ask Me

angle cute doctor who - 7149137408
By Cruncle

When You're the Lord of Something, You Can Do Whatever You Want With it!

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By Dubulous

Don't Blink!

geometry tumblr puns doctor who math funny - 7645220864
Via jetstreak

Who's On First?

baseball classic doctor who double meaning Hall of Fame literalism whos-on-first - 5325726976
By Richdog

Matt Smith Said it So it Must Be True

doctor who Hall of Fame literalism Matt Smith similar sounding - 5863182592
By Tellyporter231

The Long Lost Dr. Seuss Title

doctor who double meaning dr seuss elephant Hall of Fame literalism tardis - 5091987456
By ammusionist

Who Thinks of This?

puns doctor who doctors funny - 7710956544
By Unknown

It's an Integral Part of Every One of the Doctor's Tails!

doctor who double meaning Hall of Fame literalism sonic - 5982865408
By lime-green-time-machine


art dalek doctor who Hall of Fame iconic literalism painting salvador Dali similar sounding - 4988427520
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Just Look at the Kind of Things Omegle Precipitates

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By Musegrl13

Doctor Que?

doctor who Hall of Fame literalism similar sounding sombrero tardis - 6084910848
By Scarecrow2012


puns doctor who - 7710954496
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Spanish Doctor Who is Best Doctor Who

gifs spanish tardis similar sounding doctor who hashtag - 6978277120
By Unknown

Even the Time Lord Needs a Break

pun doctor who - 7732583168
By Unknown
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