Is it Spiked With Scotch?

comparison dogs fancy literalism side by side water - 5656007168
Created by LOLdogexpert


comparison computer food mac noms OS similar sounding tacos - 4378633984
Created by Unknown

I Love the Way This Joke Seals the Deal

comparison Hall of Fame literalism otter seal similar sounding - 6352387072
Via Reddit

Tautology Jones and the Resemblance of the Lost Ark

comparison Harrison Ford Indiana Jones similar sounding - 5007909888
Created by xyzpdq1

Innovation is Timeless

comparison opposites similar sounding suffix - 6265011200
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comparison jack sparrow Johnny Depp literalism Pirates of the Caribbean vehicle - 4234287104
Created by leanderq


character comparison male side by side two - 4370778624
Created by Wayne Kotke

And Here I Thought We Were Gonna Strip Nickelback of Their 'Worst Band' Title

band better comparison FAIL meme - 6525281536
Created by Unknown

Best Branding Ever?

added letter brand comparison contrast Hall of Fame letter lolwut meme similar sounding t - 4970764288
Created by xyzpdq1

Don't Even Ask About Big Wayne...

comparison lil wayne literalism little rapper size - 4789364224
Created by jeje.xo

Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day?

Chart comparison famous Hall of Fame question william shakespeare - 5942348800
Created by Ginctm ( Via XKCD )

That's... That's an Analogy, I Suppose

butt comparison family Hall of Fame hole lolwut - 6184552448
Via @leeannraye


classic comparison famous ferris bueller Movie - 4037633536
Created by el_wuffel

So Worth It.

comparison double meaning Hall of Fame literalism water worth it - 5204547072
Created by anbuagent12


comparison homophones knights - 4257156096
Created by PanaBella

Relieves Itching, AND Angry Jurors!

comparison court homophones literalism side by side - 6220221440
Created by deathwish01b
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