The Futuro-Dystopian Financial Biopic of the Summer

combination juxtaposition mashup Movie movies wall.e - 4885502208
Created by Acevedismos


blockbuster combination contraction end film i am legend leg legend literalism Movie title - 4355048960
Created by Eightyeightdays

He's a Bounty Hunter

bounty candy combination double meaning - 6262740736
Created by aemilius


combination contraction malapropism neologism shirt the simpsons - 4485489152
Created by Unknown


cat caterpillar combination Hall of Fame juxtaposition literalism - 4726433536
Created by Flyprojector


balloon combination prefix suffix - 4928008704
Created by Vvicked ( Via tonij.net )

Beware the Pie-Rat!

combination homophone juxtaposition literalism pie Pirate rat shape similar sounding - 5380589824
Created by BloodMC

And He's Okay!

combination literalism mashup portmanteau - 6618993408
Via Gemma Correll

The One on the Left Looks Like He's Alec Baldin'

beetle Beetles combination contraction homophone jews literalism lolwut Movie portmanteau similar sounding - 4762723584
Created by Unknown

What a Beauty!

combination lightsaber literalism tiger - 4925875712
Created by Unknown

Oaths Always Tend to Box You In...

combination double meaning literalism lolwut portmanteau - 5136514560
Created by Unknown

Better Late Than Never

combination contraction Hall of Fame portmanteau time velociraptor - 4779776000
Created by Unknown

Top Gears of War

combination Gears of War Hall of Fame juxtaposition literalism - 6226843392
Via Reddit

In Oh So Many Ways

combination contraction Hall of Fame literalism paradox similar sounding - 5810996736
Created by Sern and Ben

Horse Fly

horse fly shoop combination literalism double meaning - 6696770816
Created by scobra

[sic] Cantalope

combination contraction juxtaposition portmanteau - 6532136960
Created by netsnets ( Via Happy Smart Book )