Well it's Technically a Vanpool, But I Guess I'll Let it Slide

car carpool literalism pool pool table table van - 4754312192
Created by iandra


back car family guy FRIDAY Hall of Fame literalism lyrics meme Rebecca Black seat - 4872150272
Created by Unknown

I Didn't Know This Road Went Underwater!

carpool car cliché pool literalism double meaning - 6695858432
Created by xyzpdq1

Should Be a Pretty Easy Fix, Though

block car double meaning homophone leak leek mechanic problem - 4619322880
Created by yamirenamon

This is Why I Prefer to Take Life at a Trotsky

broken car mechanic stalin - 6175821056
Created by AlanPun ( Via OMG Pins )

I Think Literal Oasis is More Interesting Than Figurative Oasis, TBH

car color double meaning Hall of Fame literalism lyrics song - 5980618240
Created by briansnickermcgraw

Just Installed Two 12-Inch Subs in My Car

false expectations shorthand misinterpretation literalism double meaning car - 6678074368
Via Reddit

Yes, But They Prefer 4x4s

car Ladies Love rhyming variations on a theme - 6601710080
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via Humor Train )

Is That a Hybrid?

Harry Potter car petroleum wizard - 7401433088
Created by Unknown

It Vanished in the Starry Night

Van Gogh van go nice car homophones literalism double meaning - 6702243584
Via Reddit

The Best Kind of Fuel

car - 7432581888
Created by Unknown


album art beetle car driving - 4149524992
Created by Unknown

Out of His Element

out car element literalism - 6898945792
Via Reddit


car comic door light literalism rage Rage Comics warning - 4648711680
Created by Unknown

It Must Be Open Source...

advertisement car double meaning sign windows without - 5197630976
Created by Snake73

Simpsons Did It!

brand car double meaning homer odyssey the simpsons triple meaning - 5052236544
Created by buzmurdock
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