Yes, But They Prefer 4x4s

car Ladies Love rhyming variations on a theme - 6601710080
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via Humor Train )

Look at That Van Gogh Van Go!

car Van Gogh puns van funny - 7459732224
Created by Frito338


back car family guy FRIDAY Hall of Fame literalism lyrics meme Rebecca Black seat - 4872150272
Created by Unknown

He Drives Like He's Playing Twisted Metal

car double meaning driver Hall of Fame literalism screwdriver - 6134109184
Created by netsnets ( Via Happy Smart Book )

I Think Literal Oasis is More Interesting Than Figurative Oasis, TBH

car color double meaning Hall of Fame literalism lyrics song - 5980618240
Created by briansnickermcgraw

I'm Sure Your Parents Are Pretty Fender-Bent About it Too

car dating double meaning Hall of Fame literalism - 6250856448
Created by _AfterDarkness_

Well it's Technically a Vanpool, But I Guess I'll Let it Slide

car carpool literalism pool pool table table van - 4754312192
Created by iandra

I Think They Just Like Getting Plowed

car expletive Ladies Love lolwut love meme rhyming - 5299234816
Created by wintercool612
car cars competition performance pun pun-off story Video winner - 30021633

A Performance From a World Pun Champion

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Is That a Hybrid?

Harry Potter car petroleum wizard - 7401433088
Created by Unknown

Well, He Did Ask...

answer car comic dogs hit literalism misinterpretation question - 4628163328
Created by Snake73

This is Why I Prefer to Take Life at a Trotsky

broken car mechanic stalin - 6175821056
Created by AlanPun ( Via OMG Pins )

Just Installed Two 12-Inch Subs in My Car

false expectations shorthand misinterpretation literalism double meaning car - 6678074368
Via Reddit

The Best Kind of Fuel

car - 7432581888
Created by Unknown

Spoiler Alert...

alert car double meaning literalism spoiler warning - 4922315264
Created by xyzpdq1


car gas names oil Putin russian stalin - 4178498816
Created by Unknown
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