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Lettuce be honest, we're all about legumes. Lettuce is both a call to be allowed, and a wonderful leafy green found in basically every traditional salad ever. So let in the lettuce to your life, embrace how punny it can truly be, and try a salad, we promise it won't bite.

Who Wants Salad?

huge lettuce wtf - 4798271232
By Snake73

They Said I Could Be Anything...

they said i could be anything lettuce face paint - 6962160128
By Unknown

Just Walkin My Lettuce

lettuce pet walking - 6897536512
By Unknown


bunnies lettuce science - 4609380352
By Unknown

How A Vegetarian Sees Letucce

best of week chicken lettuce meat wtf - 6057881600
By butterflyperception

All That Green

wtf lettuce food money - 7316134912
Via Makuhita