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In your face! Literally these jokes and puns are right up there so don't blink you might get smacked in the face by one.


face horse kisses woman wtf - 5026544128
By Zexxify
creepy face Video yoga - 40505345

Have You Heard About Face Yoga?

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Peek a Boo

best of week face scary wtf - 6094940672
By Unknown
face baby creepy nightmare fuel - 46514433


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Nap Time

art face sleep wtf - 6136658944
By el.carl2

I Ask Myself That All the Time

face nose bathroom why - 6837463808
By Unknown

Sure Ya Are

face cute cartoons - 6870271232
Via Pleated Jeans


creepy face mask nightmare wtf - 4399621888
By Unknown
cars face run away Video - 39452161

Don't You Hate It When Your Face Runs Away?

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Dial My Face

face wtf - 5719108864
By lollerderby

Called it!

face mask robot wtf - 5112872448
By maxystone

His Face Sure Is Red

face guy lobster wtf - 5231284480
By Chooser


best of week face wtf - 6165268224
By Unknown

She's Made of Ground Beef!

face nightmare fuel comic - 6929246720
By savannamia


baby best of week face mask wtf - 6144072704
By Vanos_Ira

Shouldn't It Be a Hoof-Face?

face foot sarah jessica parker wtf - 5676460032
By butterflyperception
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