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Don't Be Chicken

Chicken - Apictureis unrelated.com
By Unknown


wtf eyes make up - 7132699904
Via We Heart It

How About a Nice Cup of Eye?

wtf cups eyes funny - 7561210880
By poniesNwaffles

They See What You Did There

eyes statue wtf - 5710537728
By tj01010100

People Look Like Their Pets

wtf pets eyes Cats funny - 7712607232
By Unknown

Those Eyes!

crazy eyes gifs news people wtf - 4832982528
By Unknown

Eye Covers

wtf eyes products - 7346291712
Via Whirlpool

Spy Cams the Early Days...

camera eyes spy tiny wtf - 4952174336
By -Ghost-

They Come to Life At Night

creepy eyes night - 6631757568
By Unknown

Pinchable Cheeks

eyes shopped pixels wtf - 6223462912
By Pancakes23

No Peeking!

wtf boxes creepy eyes funny - 7678065920
By Serrena


eww eyes gross huge wtf - 5340295424
By ChaChaCha

Mad Pepper

crazy eyes pepper - 7053026816
By Unknown

Eye Have No Idea What's Going On

wtf gross puns eyes - 7256096768
By Unknown

Eye Can See This Fashion Working

fashion wtf gifs puns eyes - 7245622784
Via Gaben Newell

My Little Nightmare Fuel

creepy eyes my little pony nightmare fuel - 6597516544
By satablank (Via boingboing.net)