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The Greeks Loved their Anatomy

butts eyes statue wtf - 4522261504
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People Look Like Their Pets

wtf pets eyes Cats funny - 7712607232
Created by Unknown

Reframed: All Glory To the Hypnotoad!

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Created by GameTester113

Eye Covers

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Excuse Me, My Eyes Are Down Here

costume wtf eyes fabulous funny - 7588998144
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TV Watches You

cool wtf eyes TV funny - 7710311168
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Optometrist Hate Him

eyes ears wtf - 8007658496
Created by Unknown

Spy Cams the Early Days...

camera eyes spy tiny wtf - 4952174336
Created by -Ghost-

Pinchable Cheeks

eyes shopped pixels wtf - 6223462912
Created by Pancakes23

This Way You Can Watch What You Eat

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Via Vuls

They Come to Life At Night

creepy eyes night - 6631757568
Created by Unknown

Nice Hands

creepy eyes hands photoshop wtf - 5064216320
Created by maxystone

You Have My Full Attention

wtf hippies eyes - 7414822144
Created by Unknown

This is What's Responsible For Split Vision

wtf eyes science seems legit - 7318638080
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The Minions Have Awoken

eyes funny wtf - 7921547520
Via Eyebombing

Eye See What You're Doing, Mary

eyes statues wtf - 7973966848
Created by Unknown
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