Picture Is Unrelated


Got something in your eye? Well beauty is beholden within it, so be extra careful, and keep an eye out for these hilarious ocular puns and jokes


eye shark wtf - 5369522432
Created by Cyberkedi

Emo Sauron?

best of week eye Lord of the Rings wtf - 5964100096
Created by butterflyperception

Welcome to the Internet

dancing eye i dont even sausage wtf - 6457801472
Created by Unknown

Classic: How Cute

baby doll eye classic - 7039510784
Created by Unknown

Eye Know What Time it Is!

art best of week clock creepy eye wtf - 5186732032
Created by maxystone

Eye See What You Did There

art paint eye - 7085864192
Via Reddit

Cyborg Look

eye wtf - 6024402432
Created by butterflyperception

Crazy Eyes

creepy eye hand wtf - 5800562688
Created by butterflyperception