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The Horror!

Blood eww snowman wtf - 4958488832
By -Ghost-

What Sort of Pie is This?

eww fish food gross pie wtf - 3845213184
By Unknown

Nothing to See Here...

eww ginger nipples wtf - 4730318592
By Unknown

Fierce Fruit

creepy eww fruit hair - 4652195584
By Assass1n

Squid Parking only

eww squid wtf - 4620826368
By Unknown


brain eww wtf - 5216003328
By maxystone

Dude, Calm Down...

eww photoshop wtf - 4699409152
By Unknown

Damn Burt... Get a Hair Cut

eww IRL Sesame Street - 4675080192
By christellar

So, That's What the Internet is All About!

eww nun tongue - 4588021504
By Snake73
eww Japan Video - 28186881

NO Thanks!

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Just Hangin' Out

eww hanging out wtf - 5337765120
By conboy
eww rainbow Video wtf - 17514753

Can You Feel the Beat? And the Gravy?

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Aliens They Have Tongues

Aliens eww gifs tongues wtf - 4667783424
Via imperialbedrooms.tumblr.com

Looks Painful...

bad idea eww teeth - 4692044544
By ekahnicole

Wonder What This Guy Likes?

bananas creepy eww store wtf - 5326473728
By maxystone (Via www.metro.co.uk)

Your Tongue has Feet...

eww feet lizard tongue wtf - 4727794944
By Unknown
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