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Not Sure They've Seen an Elephant Before

elephant eww statue wtf - 5350096128
By heilkitty (Via russiantowns.livejournal.com)

Just Hangin' Out

eww hanging out wtf - 5337765120
By conboy

Someone Really Likes Cheetos

eww makeup wtf - 5289567744
By super banane
eww rainbow Video wtf - 17514753

Can You Feel the Beat? And the Gravy?

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bbq eww mustard wtf - 3894110720
By Unknown


bicycle eww race toilet wtf - 3986034944
By Unknown
best of week eww science Video wtf - 27496961

The Humanity!!!!!!!!

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Dude, Calm Down...

eww photoshop wtf - 4699409152
By Unknown

I'm Glad I Can't Read Lips

bizarre eww gifs painting wtf - 4645466368
By Unknown

Can You Guess Where I Hid the Body?

bloody body eww wtf - 4353561088
By Unknown

Do Not Want!

eww mouth toilet wtf - 4924816128
By -Ghost-

So, That's What the Internet is All About!

eww nun tongue - 4588021504
By Snake73


baby creepy eww fork hungry knife wtf - 3964044032
By Cyberkedi

Is That Poo?

eww Japan poop - 4644353280
By ekahnicole
commercial dancing eww meat Video wtf - 8014593


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Hooray for Pony Play

costume eww furry unicorn wtf - 4577583104
By kiwiangel