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Moo. The cow is a versatile creature. From milk to steak and even cash, they can do it all. But you should definitely buy the cow, no milk is free, and there's no such thing as free lunch. Let out a hoot at these bovine jokes and puns that will have you mooing.

Caricature artist

costume cow wtf - 4487044352
By apollogesus


butt cow eww wtf - 4917475584
By christellar

This Wasn't What I Had in Mind When You Said 'Cow Boots'

animals boots cow wtf - 5517403648
By butterflyperception

So Heavy a Cow Needs to Pull Them

cow creepy fake huge lady bags wtf - 4953713408
By maxystone (Via www.metro.co.uk)

Unnecessary Translator's Note Is Unnecessary

cow notes translation wtf - 5809954048
By thesignpainter

Westboro Dairy Church

best of week chickens cow wtf - 6230152192
By Unknown

Yeah, Me Too!

animal-non-human cow wtf - 5995049984
By Unknown