apocalypse diary food Hall of Fame Pie Chart Video zombie - 3393183232
By mossrolled01

Breakdown of Typical College Student Life

college nerds physics sleep social students zombie - 1736844544
By Akintudne

Times Table of Awesomeness

Aliens dinosaurs robots spreadsheet vampires zombie - 4462291456
By dominoiscute

Aliens movies Pie Chart plot zombie - 4193466880
By Unknown

The Rise of Zombies

zombie evolution - 6977369344
Via Picsandquotes

Time spent transforming into a zombie

Bar Graph infection zombie - 6448690944
By Stormrider2112

Zombie Phrenology

best of week brain zombie - 6128413696
Via I Love Charts

My level of alertness

awake Bar Graph bed class level sleep work zombie - 2703016448
By Unknown

Not a Vampire, I Don't Care

bosses equation infographic mutant Pirate vampire zombie - 4562086656
By Evertide

Incidentally, That's a Great Movie Title

batteries cell phones Death movies Pie Chart zombie - 3999480576
By manci5

A Zombie's Life

brains clock dead eat infographic sleep zombie - 4153456128
By Unknown

Thoughts During The Walking Dead

zombie funny The Walking Dead - 7453660672
By Unknown

15 Things You Didn't Know About the Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Meme of 15 fun facts about the show that you didn't know about, at least now all of them.
By Katie (Via TV Duck)

A Guide to Zombies

zombie thriller - 6966973440
By dolf1nluvr (Via Think Geek)

Places You're Most Likely To See A Zombie

likely shopping mall Starbucks zombie - 1926842112
By Amberwine
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