So This is How the Zombie Apocalypse Starts

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By Unknown

Zombie Phrenology

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I'm Not Sure How Any of These Are Still Working

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Time spent transforming into a zombie

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By Stormrider2112

Headshots for Both

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By dinokoalasaurus

Why "Thriller " is famous

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By hannahthehedgecat

Breakdown of Typical College Student Life

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By Akintudne

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By dejdejdej

Not a Vampire, I Don't Care

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By Evertide

Incidentally, That's a Great Movie Title

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By manci5

Zombie Survival Skills

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By Unknown

The Friendship Test

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By S.P.A-Bits (Via Bite)

15 Things You Didn't Know About the Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Meme of 15 fun facts about the show that you didn't know about, at least now all of them.
By Katie (Via TV Duck)

Usefulness of Shotgun in Video Games

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By allornone

The More Brains the Better

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Times Table of Awesomeness

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By dominoiscute
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