truancy story

School Resources Well Used!

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By Unknown

But It's So Sunny Out

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By tommymc123456

Is the Answer 'Homework'?

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By Robotzombie13

You Couldn't Think of a Better Location for That?

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By MGCAngel8

And They Complain About Running Out of Time...

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By Unknown

Good News, Everyone!

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By Unknown

Raising Your Hand in Class

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Via Dog House Diaries

Damn, Only a Delay

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By Unknown

School Desk Size vs. Time

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By Unknown

I Wish

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By GermanDudemeister

So Wait, You're Designing Trains Then?

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By Unknown

Who Needs Studying?

Bar Graph degree paradox truancy story - 5622273280
By Unknown

And When They're at School They Hardly Ever Have Class

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By hijacob76

The Breakfast of Champions

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By atruestoryfiend

Portable Distraction Device

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By grabmapaw

Sleep Is the Problem, not the Solution

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By comcomanna