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Maybe It's Because Students Are Becoming Progressively Worse

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By doctorseaweed

They Look Like They're Having So Much Fun

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By styxman34

What About Doing It For the Science, You Monster?

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By pwjones

But It's So Sunny Out

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By tommymc123456

I Was Starting To Worry About Why You Were Carrying That Crowbar Around

college half life major physics Pie Chart truancy story - 5521015040
By Unknown

Is the Answer 'Homework'?

school truancy story - 5771320064
By Robotzombie13

Not the Lesson They Were Going For

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By g3t0master

Here's a Song I Wrote. It's Called 'Please Pay Attention to Me'

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By Unknown

I Hope You Brought Enough For Everyone

drugs gum Pie Chart teachers truancy story violence - 5668346624
By caf0162


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By Ace_of_memes

Raising Your Hand in Class

best of week class flow chart school truancy story - 5976046592
Via Dog House Diaries

Good News, Everyone!

futurama Pie Chart professor truancy story - 5866123008
By Unknown

I Wish

Pie Chart school truancy story - 5957794304
By Unknown

So Wait, You're Designing Trains Then?

engineering Pie Chart school truancy story - 5555686656
By Unknown

It Must Be Hard Not Paying Attention all Day

class high school Pie Chart stress students truancy story - 5813925888
By Unknown

Portable Distraction Device

computers homework laptop school truancy story venn diagram - 5871549440
By grabmapaw
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