Puns are basically half-jokes that died somewhere along the way on their journey towards being funny, and that makes some people laugh.

Try to Center Yourself

exercise Pie Chart puns seat yoga - 4562035712
By lpsrocker11

Not So Full of Yourself

awesome food full hungry Pie Chart puns - 4556450560
By Unknown

Pizza Pi

best of week equation equations math pi puns - 6413743104
Via Boing Boing

A Guide to Clouds

weather web comics puns - 7901196288
Via unearthed comics

For Further Explanation, I've Dog-Eared the Page in Your Text Books

dogs puns - 7841318656
By Unknown

It's a Pity, Really

edible fruits puns venn diagram - 4376685312
By Afyre1

Prepare For Trouble, and Make It Stupid

Pie Chart Pokémon puns - 5681242624
By Unknown

It's Not Appeeling

eyes orange Pie Chart puns - 4543195136
By DJMantis

Does a Tree Schitt in the Woods?

infographic puns - 4269982976
By Unknown

Said The Man, Half-Assed

colons period punctuation puns semicolon venn diagram - 4581314560
By svceliceo


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Via This Is Fluffware

Reasons for Buying Animal Crossing New Leaf

pie charts puns graphs video games funny - 7573201152
By Unknown

I Hope It Doesn't Get Rusty

puns - 4905973504
By Jandosk8

No Pun In Ten Did

Bar Graph puns - 4490559488
By atxnickg

I'm Sure You're Sick of Turkey

countries Pie Chart puns Turkey - 4529295104
By stefstefstef

Oh You're So Calculated

puns graphs math - 7840425472
By Unknown
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