People are memes? Memes are people? AHH! MEMES ARE PEOPLE! THE PEOPLE ARE MEMES!

Who Uses Gang Signs

actually cool idiots people venn diagram - 3044146688
Created by treefiddy

Pharmaceutical TV ads

advertising drugs medical medicine people TV - 1771236608
Created by zorak

gross operation people Pie Chart Subway train - 4200686592
Created by MA_OC

What My Local News Station Reports

accidents activity cancer children common food good kill news people Pie Chart reports video games weather - 2955048448
Created by issueswithgravity

Oh Hey...You

malls people venn diagram - 4562372352
Created by serahmagnifica

What people think of you VS how many girls you are with

amount Bar Graph gay girls loser people think - 2615644416
Created by catni

That's a Lot of People

people sexy times - 7335996928

Cats and Dogs

dogs people facts Cats - 7683369984
Via Pet Insurance

What People Do When You Say, "Don't Look, I'm Naked."

au natural dont look people Pie Chart say - 3273990144
Created by bloodriotyagami

Contents of a living room

chuck norris living room people pets - 1602576640

Does Anyone Look Good in Jeggings?

clothes fashion pants people venn diagram - 4630227200
Created by Unknown

Types of pictures on FAIL Blog

FAIL failblog innuendo p33n people sex signs - 2298611968
Created by chezzxpert101

Things The Dog Eats

animals chairs dogs food garbage legs people shoes vomit - 1959723264
Created by meeka27

People killed this month:

die dying flu people swine flu - 2081493248
Created by DanWroteThis

It Sticks With Me For Weeks

driving people weird - 4797773568
Created by Akii ( Via )

I'm Their Biggest Fan

Bar Graph celeb people rip - 5009778944
Created by dustypicture