People are memes? Memes are people? AHH! MEMES ARE PEOPLE! THE PEOPLE ARE MEMES!

Take note, CNN

celeb cnn legitimate news opinions people venn diagram - 2906222080
Created by Tipsy_the_Drunken_Fairy

How Midwesterners see the U.S.

americans mountains normal old people people usa - 2325787392
Created by euphgeek

That's a Small Percentage

people internet - 7403527424

No, Not Fluffy!

animals Death movies people Pie Chart - 4699575808

Current Science Research Budget

alien Bar Graph budget cancer cure current gadgets internet life people research science swine flu TV weird - 2401440000
Created by Willosaur360

It Sticks With Me For Weeks

driving people weird - 4797773568
Created by Akii ( Via )

Recurring Garfield Jokes

actually comedian fat garfield hearing jokes mom monday new original people Pie Chart said stupid venn diagram - 2946559488
Created by CoffeeshopFrank

Friendship Paradox

annoy friendship paradox people venn diagram - 2603597568

What People Do When You Say, "Don't Look, I'm Naked."

au natural dont look people Pie Chart say - 3273990144
Created by bloodriotyagami

The Phone Paradox

cell phones people phone - 3697384704
Created by EyesofAcheron

Walmart's Motorized Shopping Carts

exercise hilarious need obese people teenagers use venn diagram Walmart wal mart - 2787538176
Created by king_myste


people graph jam - 4519267584
Created by Unknown

Uses for a Car Horn

anger attention avoid cars horns old people sayings scare - 2315413248
Created by Characins

The Holiday Paradox

hate holiday love paradox people thanksgiving time venn diagram - 2519787776
Created by carpenihil

What You See Is What You Get

amazing infographic ladyfunbags people sandbags women - 4538206464
Via The Nerdvana

Chances people are listening in on your conversation

chance conversation people secret - 1762322688
Created by Unknown