That's so metal. All the hard rocking memes and jokes to keep your head banging the day away. Also plenty of stuff about the shiny material, that too.

How often I remember

food Heat hot metal microwave mouth remember - 2300693760
By Sethor

What people say or do when they see a bad car accident

accident bad car god help metal slow stare - 2944185856
By Superzac

Chance of realising that that small piece of metal is a vital part of your computer

computers floor metal object piece trash - 2011153152
By JaneD

How Long it Takes for Super Glue to Dry

dry glue metal plastic skin super glue wood - 2273192192
By Toffee99

fingers metal Pie Chart skin - 4225170176
By alazak

Cats vs. Robocats, by a Second Grade

batteries Cats fur hearts kids meow metal robots venn diagram - 4365822464

Likelihood that my opinion will seriously anger people

American Idol anger Bar Graph crap gay marriage hack hate metal opinions people silly taylor swift twilight - 3099746304
By Tipsy_the_Drunken_Fairy

Length Of Hair Of Male Singer vs. music genre

hair length metal Music pop rap rock - 2002645248
By Unknown

Classic: Brutal Graph of Metal

bands best of week metal Music - 5878092288
By JMJMad1