Line Graph

You're All Morons

IQ Line Graph - 5095029504

Thanks Alcohol

alcohol best of week crush Line Graph relationship - 6185328896
By Unknown

Warm, Cuddly Cloud Palace

bed comfortable Line Graph - 5306378240
By Chubbacups

Gangnam Style Now the Most Viewed Video of All Time

justin beiber baby youtube Line Graph gangnam style - 6813264896
Via Youtube-Trends

The Key is Balancing So No One Notices

Line Graph school - 7954231296
By CapDaddy

Amount of makeup a female wears by age.

adult child cosmetics Line Graph makeup orange teenage - 2517829888
By Unknown

Screw you, screwdriver

Line Graph tools - 6732824576
By TwitByNature

Quality Comparison of Alien Movies

alien Line Graph Movie quality terrible - 6279042048
By buckles_b (Via Bite)

What people think about 2012, Before and After

2012 Bar Graph global warming Line Graph politicians venn diagram - 2822046720
By spartan914

Doesn't Mean It Isn't Real

best of week drunk Line Graph vodka - 5273134080
By Izaak

Damn Those Jolly Red Cups!

christmas Line Graph Starbucks - 7889754112
By Unknown

weather on halloween vs my costume

costume freezing halloween Line Graph rain toilet paper weather - 2765782272
By ballhead

Taking an over time shift

day Line Graph morning week work - 2437013248
By defragmenter

Pokemon's Not So Lame Anymore, Is It, Eighth Grade Bullies?

best of week Line Graph middle school truancy story - 5672635904
By adetastres

Mo Money Mo Problems, Revisited

Line Graph - 7116347136
By peaceandenthusiasm

chew flavor food gum Line Graph paper seconds taste time - 3457097728
By sidelsky18