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What People Think of Miley Cyrus

Line Graph miley cyrus - 7944657152
By Voltricon


age Line Graph society complicated college - 7013214976
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Wake Up and Smell What You Shovel'n, Die Hard

cops Line Graph movies - 4543217664
By MattheJ1

childhood dinosaurs Line Graph - 3913096960
By bukowskaii

independent Line Graph - 3939099136
By CommanderPanda

Healthiness of food vs. cost of food

cost debt doctor expensive food free hurt kill Line Graph lose no weight - 2731673344
By Aqp

Brace your Tongue

cold hot Line Graph microwave tongue - 5838300160
By randomgeneratedname

Procrastination on Homework

after before homework Line Graph morning night procrastination school - 2697913088
By Suuchan

Feelings About Roommates Over Time

break college end feelings Line Graph roommates school start university winter year - 2796955136

How Is That Swag?

cloths Line Graph swag - 6211483904
By Unknown

Amount of Swears per Conversation

age amount conversation elderly Line Graph old swears teenagers young - 3031071232
By Dumbface

Hot Pockets Amplify This Graph

hot pockets Line Graph microwaves food - 7036171776
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lady gaga Line Graph Music poker face - 4178135040
By alvarezguitargirl

revolving door speed

accidents door justin bieber Line Graph speed - 3668181248
By Ratlet

Gangnam Style Now the Most Viewed Video of All Time

justin beiber baby youtube Line Graph gangnam style - 6813264896
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A Completely Accurate Reaction-Graph

Line Graph - 7882169344
By flippingtables