Toe the line. Keep on the straight and narrow. Whatever you do, just don't cross it. We don't know what will happen, but everyone keeps saying it. So try to keep yourself going like an arrow with these straight-laced jokes and puns.

What stars do with their newfound fame

children clothing fame healthcare help issues line Pie Chart stars teach teens wal mart - 2891867648
Created by xonadiatarabara

Speed Of Line at Market

fast grocery stores line slow speed walking - 2332913920
Created by ShadowDialga

Classic: Success

expectation vs reality line success - 6598801152
Via Atbreak

automatic Bar Graph bathroom camera class line mirror package post pee Pie Chart poop school water - 3597479424

Pee Graph

bathroom humor line Line Graph peeing toliet - 6327762176
Created by Unknown

I'm Going to Pay By Check

check grocery store grocery stores line Pie Chart - 5436891904
Created by Unknown