Toe the line. Keep on the straight and narrow. Whatever you do, just don't cross it. We don't know what will happen, but everyone keeps saying it. So try to keep yourself going like an arrow with these straight-laced jokes and puns.

Teaching You How to Pick Up Chicks

pickup line literalism line pick up double meaning - 6756236800
Created by Pinkielicious

No Punchline

variations on a theme punch literalism line double meaning punchline - 6937929984
Via Adventures of Nan

The Best Line

double meaning line literalism punch punchline - 5643984640
Created by YoshiFailing

A Stunning Photo of Bolt Crossing the Finish Line

brands cleaning supplies double meaning line literalism olympics soap - 6500653312
Created by Unknown

But the Results Are Often Quite Non-Linear

fine line literalism - 4765563904
Created by URTemplar

I Have Money And I'm Going To Die Soon

best pickup line pick up line literalism double meaning - 6650940672
Created by _C_A_T_


challenge line row - 4070540800
Created by Unknown

A (C)Horus Line

added letter chorus line literalism - 6424020224
Via Reddit

Read Until the End. It's Worth It.

double meaning line literalism long form punch punchline variations on a theme worth it - 6605435904
Created by Unknown

It Might Be More Effective WITHOUT the Trucknuts...

double meaning line literalism pick up pickup line truck - 5718349312
Created by blobotorian