A house is not a home, but it can be. If you make it, they will come, so put four walls up and chuckle at some house puns.

What's In The Living room of a house with a toddler

child children family furniture home kids living room toys - 1663825152
By aageek

Calls on Home Land Line

call home phone telemarketer - 1404283136
By jenjenjude

Excitement level of when I get home

arrive Bar Graph dinner dogs excitement happy home husband work - 2632097024
By XFauxAfflictionX

Loudness when opening plastic containers with cookies

container cookies food home late loud Party plastic sound - 2290818304
By Unknown

But Mom, "Giant Face-Eating Creatures Part 12" Is On!

good home leaving Pie Chart television TV - 5011621120
By piggypeace

Driver Courtesy

Bar Graph commute holidays home nice own - 2983157760
By djxealot

AT&T Wireless signal

cell phones good hell highway home perfect school wireless work - 2087816448
By Superdupermexican

Laptop Battery Life

airplane Bar Graph charge home laptop Movie - 2689556224
By Unknown

Use of to go boxes

food home leave restaurant - 3267592448
By punxrawk

It's More Fun With the Danger of Getting Caught

home NSFW Pie Chart work - 5082323200
By tabaco

Time my hair looks good

Bar Graph friend good hair home looks out perfect pretty school sucks - 2998158080
By Unknown

What If I Left My Personal Massager In My Room?!

anxiety college forgetting home leaving Pie Chart - 5179971584
By hurricaneallegra

Chances of going first on presenting your school project.

Bar Graph crappy day finish first forgot home partner project school - 2666117888
By Zohnny

Working From Home

avoid drink font home lunch Pie Chart porn searching work working youtube - 3095365888
By redGiant_Creative

How I Feel About My Dorm Room

bad cool dorm great home Line Graph room weekend weeks - 2726341120
By Greygirlie


home shopping venn diagram Walmart - 2539929856
By Marijuana
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