Disneyland 101

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By Wes (Via Hotchkisscomics)

It'll Appear Eventually

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By ThatGuy506

Things I read at breakfast

book breakfast food mail meal newspaper Pie Chart read - 2542130432
By Unknown

Storage Times For Refrigerator And Freezer

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By emersonrose (Via

Things People Do While Driving

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By Sanclestia


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By bisk

Taco Bell's 4th meal

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By SuperErin

Location of Taco Contents

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By kodama7

Most of It Ends Up On My Face

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By X8_Bliss

Usage of the phrase "Breakfast of Champions"

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By Unknown

What Four Loko Goes With Your Meal?

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By Unknown

Might as Well Be Empty

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By cameronmacc

At Least They're the Appropriate Colors...Usually

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By greenlego57


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Via Autoentropy

Rub On It Before You Eat It

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By smithy998

The Diet of a Seagull

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By Adfirmus