How I've used my college desk so far

college food Pie Chart sandwiches snacks - 6576628992
By cozman

Cat Food, Yummy

fancy food sir Pie Chart - 6441881344
By Scootawho

cat food Pie Chart technology thumbs - 3931372544
By maryme229

Ripeness of Bananas

banana food fruit Line Graph ripe - 6326886400
By X8_Bliss

Poptart's Pop-parts

breakfast food - 5341618688
By JordaaanFdR

America's Obesity Problem Can be Linked to Their Aversion to Doing Dishes

dishes food obesity restaurant - 6402806784
By Wes (Via Hotchkisscomics)

Life Cycle of a 7/11 Taquito

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By buckles_b (Via Bite)

Wasting Any of It Would Be an Affront to God

best of week food nutella - 5843617792
By Unknown

There's No Room for Pain in a Full Stomach

Oreos food Pie Chart - 7976794112
By markot9

What Four Loko Goes With Your Meal?

food funny meal after 12 g rated - 7939888640
By Unknown

Ramen Noodle Consumption

college day food lunch summer - 1849579776
By TheAtarian1

When my cat wants attention

attention bathroom cat food pet - 1426388224
By Unknown

Or If There's Only a Little Milk in the Carton

cereal clean flow chart food milk wash - 4974734080

A Cheat Sheet For Pairing Wine & Food

Chart wine food - 7834766080
Via fizzypopgoulash

When I have to do dishes

christmas thanksgiving food holidays Pie Chart - 6816334592
By w0lft0r

The Law of Diminishing Brownies

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