At Least They're the Appropriate Colors...Usually

food gross lunch noms Pie Chart school - 4529165824
Created by greenlego57

There's No Room for Pain in a Full Stomach

Oreos food Pie Chart - 7976794112
Created by markot9

Storage Times For Refrigerator And Freezer

food fridge infographics - 7796597760
Created by emersonrose ( Via )

Or If There's Only a Little Milk in the Carton

cereal clean flow chart food milk wash - 4974734080

Things I read at breakfast

book breakfast food mail meal newspaper Pie Chart read - 2542130432
Created by Unknown

The Value of the Home Cooked Meal over Time

college elementary school food high school home marriage meals time value - 2119281920
Created by TrustyMadison

family food stomach thanksgiving Turkey venn diagram - 4189347840
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What Americans Serve The Most During Christmas

food christmas infographic - 7960730624

A Balanced Diet

pie charts tacos food graphs funny cereal - 4490419968
Created by jgigs

People That Diet

diet food - 1384311040
Created by Anonom

It's Always Food

always food dogs - 5150561536
Created by JonM

I'll Just Drive Twenty Minutes to Get Fast Food

fast food First World Problems food Pie Chart - 5908029184
Created by ithinkibranedmydamag

The Wedding Cake Dilemma

wedding food - 7679763968
Created by Unknown

door food fridge open Pie Chart want - 3339638528
Created by cosmocon

And I Will Never Cook Something That Looks That Delicious

cooking food hungry Pie Chart - 5425642240
Created by Unknown

contents of a bag of chips

air bag chips food Pie Chart snacks - 6495129600
Created by t_strike
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