Meals my sister makes that I can stomach

cereal family food meals sister stomach - 1413844224
By Mr.Walkerz

Never Friend Your Family

wtf bad idea facebook family - 7170181376
By NinjaLuke99

OMG My Fam Iz Soooooooo Boring

dinner family omg Pie Chart talking - 5652066816
By Meyerdude

Like a Soap Opera, But With Massive House Fires and Deadly Electrocutions

cheating family Pie Chart Sims soap opera - 5472276736
By Unknown

What Christmas so far has taught me

relatives christmas family holidays Pie Chart - 6833089280
By TorterraDude

Probability of being filmed

Bar Graph childhood crowded DVD family graduation hollywood illegal photos probability stupid wrong - 2997939712
By pianist-master

Aren't Forced Conversations the Best?

Awkward family Pie Chart school - 5388646656
By alex6922

Because You Just Don't Want To

homework doctor who family - 5215219968
By Unknown

It's the Family Apocalypse!

alcohol christmas family - 4288121856
By Unknown

Bar Graph family television - 3826644224
By Unknown

Things that Come Out

celeb clothes family graphjam internet - 1719793920
By l0rddavid

Who I Share Food With

Pie Chart friends family - 6646339328

What parents will do when their child wants a mature video game

child family kid parents video game - 1386998016
By Unknown

Reasons people play The Sims

family video games The Sims Pie Chart - 6736492032
By Unknown

Facebook Knows That You Hate Them

facebook family Pie Chart - 6999715072
By frostatios

answer battery dead drugs dying explanation family parents phone Pie Chart reasonable said teenagers trouble youth - 3373442560
By Unknown