OMG My Fam Iz Soooooooo Boring

dinner family omg Pie Chart talking - 5652066816
By Meyerdude

According to my mother: why I am going to a university on the opposite coast

education family mom school - 1401338112
By lonelyjew14

Computer skills I have vs what friends and family think about

1337 computers family friends internet linux skills web windows - 1859963136
By KSho

You're, Like, a Pro

Bar Graph family pro video games - 5822577152
By icanhasamanda

We Ched-Dare You To Disaggree

cheese family friends heart - 6589495296
By Emmer (Via Just Say Mehbe )

Replotted: Have You Gotten Divorced Yet?

best of week boyfriend family Pie Chart thanksgiving - 5409544704
By ktnewport

Don't Forget noise-Canceling Headphones

packing family Pie Chart vacation - 7976902912
By NanoKid6

Good Band, Great Family

venn diagram family - 6972694528
Via Bite


Awkward facebook family internet social networking venn diagram - 2686240512
By Unknown

It's the Family Apocalypse!

alcohol christmas family - 4288121856
By Unknown

Likelihood of Having a Twin

family soap opera TV - 1480147200
By Unknown

How Much Congressmen and Senators Care

Bar Graph family future important love money safety - 2525381376
By Unknown

What's In The Living room of a house with a toddler

child children family furniture home kids living room toys - 1663825152
By aageek

family insults jokes moms Pie Chart - 4412934912
By degren

Aren't Forced Conversations the Best?

Awkward family Pie Chart school - 5388646656
By alex6922

Things that Come Out

celeb clothes family graphjam internet - 1719793920
By l0rddavid
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