In your face! Literally these jokes and puns are right up there so don't blink you might get smacked in the face by one.

The Man, The Mystery, The Meme

face lady gaga meme Pie Chart - 4399342336
By FlyingPanda

People who use Nunchucks

camera crotch face hit people - 2220279040
By Nuclear_Chauffeur

Stealth capabilities of the mosquito that kept me awake last night.

awake face lights off perfect - 2674944768
By hamburgerkaas

The Real Reason Why Tyra Banks Does America's Next Top Model

face opinions Pie Chart reality tv stupid talk TV - 3452644608
By lasloan

When you tell your friend their breath stinks

break breath chew face friend gum Pie Chart smell teeth - 3022775552
By sonotoriginal

emoticon face Line Graph - 3586925056
By Unknown

Not In the Face!

boss battle face Pie Chart video games zelda - 5559136000
By lermilo

Also, Beards Are Epic

beards best of week face Pie Chart shaving suck - 5914114560
By cmoore84

acne chart art face - 3966902016
By rainbow_ninjas

Classic: The Hips Aren't Hip

best of week face - 5762605312
By Norwegia

You're Just Going to Put a Helmet on Them Anyway

character face Pie Chart - 5550618624
By Unknown

It's Like He Absorbs It Through His Feet

dogs face pets Pie Chart water - 5801845248
By Unknown

Classic: Not in the Face!

face eye video game zelda - 5291693056
By Unknown

Cats face happy Line Graph pet reason scratch - 3539610112
By Gouldy

clock face Pie Chart puns school teacher time - 4192687616
By littlenat

If Your Crotch Can Dodge a Wrench, It Can Dodge a Ball

face Pie Chart - 7906233344
By Unknown
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