drive thru

Ahhh the drive-thru. Parent's salvation from not knowing how to cook, and kids salvation how to get themselves absolutely filthy while eating and enjoy every second. If you've ever had a classic drive-thru story, chances are you might find something to relate to.

What you think you will be in the future, and where you actually end up

age drive thru future Line Graph president wal mart - 2690010112
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What Does the Scouter Say About Their Ketchup Level

drive thru fast food ketchup over 9000 Pie Chart - 5480193024
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What About Cone-ing?

drive thru Pie Chart - 5380464128
By Altoid55

How college works

college drive thru exams fast food hard high school study work - 2951002112
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bag check drink drive thru fast food french fries ketchup Pie Chart spill - 3429979904
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drive thru McDonald's Pie Chart - 3940884992
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