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Ahhh the drive-thru. Parent's salvation from not knowing how to cook, and kids salvation how to get themselves absolutely filthy while eating and enjoy every second. If you've ever had a classic drive-thru story, chances are you might find something to relate to.

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Entitled Karen Stands In McDonald’s Drive Thru To Save Space For Her Husband’s Pickup Truck

Just why
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Douchebag at Burger King Drive Thru Crashes Car After Cussing Out Employee

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Drive Thru Worker Humorously Lists the Worst Types of Customers to Deal With

Pull up
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McDonald’s Worker Catches Heat By Showing How She Makes Ice Cream For Rude Customers

Another beautiful day in food service
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Guy Gets Order Rejected At Dairy Queen, Is Tickled By Employee’s Response

At least he was honest
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Starbucks Drive Thru Prank Sparks Joyful Thread On All The Best Uses Of Googly Eyes

Universal humor at its finest.
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Arby’s Drive Thru Karen Throws Tantrum Over Order She Hasn’t Even Received Yet

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Wendy’s Customer Gets Frosty Reception After Run In At Drive Thru

In a time when embarrassment is only one social media exposé away, you would think that not many people would want to try their luck in being that customer when it comes to food service . However, there are still plenty out there who seem willing to sacrifice their manners at the first sign of inconvenience and even go as far as publicizing it. This was the case with Jervon Speed Jr, otherwise known as @lotp_von on TikTok. He filmed an encounter that him and his girlfriend had at a Wendy’s driv…
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Funny and cringey video of a female police officer crying over her McDonald's order at the drive-thru

Karen Cop Gives Cringey Speech In McDonald's Drive-Thru

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Tweets that all end, SIR, THIS IS ARBY'S

'Sir, This Is An Arby's' Tweets Are Perfect For The Overly Chatty Folk

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Alright Alright Alright

Meme of Matthew McConaughey from 'Dazed and Confused' saying "Be a lot cooler if ya did" to a Starbucks barista when they told him they don't sell Four Lokos
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Funny meme about ordering a large seed in drive thru as a bird.
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This Alligator Just Wants Some Fast Food; Why is Everybody Screaming?

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This Drive Thru Employee Has Had Just About Enough of Your Friggin Pranks

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Florida Man Threw an Alligator Into a Wendy's Drive Through

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Please Pull Up to the First Window

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