Cookies are life. Especially if you're Cookie Monster. Take a dip and a nice big bite of these delicious cookie puns and jokes.

What Self Control?

cookies noms Pie Chart snacks - 4534387200
By wieuboot

'The Oreo Cookie'

cookies venn diagram - 3281220096
By Unknown

These Proportions Are Off

chocolate cookies venn diagram - 5281347584
By acapor

cookies cookie dough Pie Chart - 3926809088
By seagreenseas

Loudness when opening plastic containers with cookies

container cookies food home late loud Party plastic sound - 2290818304
By Unknown

I Find a Waxing Crescent to Be Most Delicious

cookies moon Oreos - 5219483648
By Unknown

Everything Is Better Late at Night

cookie dough cookies Pie Chart raw - 4820434176
By SkekTek

You Have Teeth Left After This?!

commercials cookies Oreos Pie Chart teeth - 4533398784
By deadbeatspencer

I Have a Hard Time With Both

cookies internet security venn diagram - 4609995008
By qwertyoctopus

I Am the Cookie Monster

cookies delicious flow chart - 4839727360
Via Sheldon Comics

cookies count food lost oven Pie Chart - 3475938304
By NJunk

It's so Much Better Raw!

Bar Graph cookies cooking eating - 4625676032
By chibi-kat

Lent, Why Must You Tagalong?

cookies darth vader girl scouts venn diagram - 4567104512
By Unknown

Re: Fresh Cookies

chart art cookies Pie Chart refresh - 4444750592
By Unknown

Deliciousness of Cookies

Bar Graph cookies delicious last oven second - 2998751232
By jrbender

It's Just a Little Sat On Is All

cookies eating flow chart sit - 5379769344
By Unknown
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