Thanks, Microsoft!

computers internet microsoft Pie Chart windows - 4604876800
Created by katiema

Do You Think They Put Weird Stuff in There, Just to Mess With Us?

computers legal Pie Chart - 5859751680
Created by Unknown

Why You Can't Print That

best of week computers error Pie Chart printers - 6491299840
Via Something of That Ilk

art colors computers green venn diagram - 4150217728
Created by ksm520

computers Pie Chart secret updates windows - 4493320448
Created by Unknown


annoying computers frozen Pie Chart - 5105614592
Created by Tom523

Why my Girlfriend is Mad at me (via contents of harddrive)

computers girlfriends Pie Chart pr0n relationships - 6492162304
Created by Unknown


computers windows mac linux operating systems - 6747638272
Created by login123

computers later now Pie Chart reminder software updates - 3500738560
Created by heerozero

The Amount of Girl Gamers on World of Warcraft

boyfriend computers crush gamers girls guys husband internet online play video games world of warcraft - 2336638720
Created by staridragon

computers dumb facebook Farmville games hours Pie Chart stop - 3535751680
Created by uncle_sean

I Swear, Windows 7 Was Not My Idea!

checking commercials computers flow chart problems windows - 4574650368
Created by Aquaras

What you do when WinRAR trial period ends

computers Pie Chart - 6635535104
Created by pcman1985

Outcome of teaching my grandfather how to use his computer

accident computers frustration learning old people teaching - 1975917312
Created by Oafy

You know you have an old computer when...

pie charts computers graphs funny - 7632562176
Created by SimmerDown12
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