When good graph comes to mind

Pie Chart graphs computers self referential - 6639749376
Created by SomeGuyOutThere

Why You Can't Print That

best of week computers error Pie Chart printers - 6491299840
Via Something of That Ilk

Outcome of teaching my grandfather how to use his computer

accident computers frustration learning old people teaching - 1975917312
Created by Oafy

Reasons Why I Don't Have a Facebook Yet

blogs computers facebook internet shallow twitter - 2444051712
Created by MakAttack

I Don't Remember Eating That

Bar Graph computers crumbs keyboard - 5869744896
Created by Jonathan Martin

I Swear, Windows 7 Was Not My Idea!

checking commercials computers flow chart problems windows - 4574650368
Created by Aquaras

You know you have an old computer when...

pie charts computers graphs funny - 7632562176
Created by SimmerDown12

Online forum post to find solution to computer problem

computers forums help Pie Chart - 6577598976
Created by ashoka10

I Summon the Dark Lord Pretty Regularly

computers old people parents venn diagram - 4829126144
Created by Unknown

Loading Bar Speed

Bar Graph computers speed video games - 6270988800
Created by Unknown

Why my Girlfriend is Mad at me (via contents of harddrive)

computers girlfriends Pie Chart pr0n relationships - 6492162304
Created by Unknown


care computers dont internet twitter - 2075858688
Created by Unknown

That Makes It Sound So Ordinary

computers infographic languages wtf - 4605171200
Created by martindurin2

Superpowers I wish I had

computers face flying idiots internet invisible punch superpowers - 1863843584
Created by That_Guy_Behind_You

apple computers ipad ipod Pie Chart want - 4039046400
Created by fffffffffffffffffnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg

Oregon Trail

computers elementary school games oregon trail - 1994454784
Created by goomb
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