Don't be a baby, unless your mine. Then it's a different story. These juvenile posts will have you gooing and gaaing all day long.

Baby, Baby, Baby, Eh?

baby Canada celine dion justin bieber Pie Chart - 4474934528
By Lord_Samael

How Was All of That Inside of You?

baby gross Line Graph parenting towel - 4994353408
By michaelgschaffer

Spelling Is Hard, Okay?

baby - 5035695104
By Unknown

baby Pie Chart toddler - 3952164608
By eatsleepmom

baby food noise Pie Chart taste thoughts - 4326482688
By frendug

How pissed off I am at a crying baby vs. where the baby is.

baby church kids Movie situational humor theatre - 1513019648
By Unknown

How Tolerable a Baby's Noises Are

airplanes Babies baby Bar Graph hour noises Party restaurant telephone - 2554990592
By Unknown

boys' use of dodgeballs in gym class

baby boys class gym ladyfunbags Pie Chart playing - 3134703360
By PBJkitty

Who gets the most t.v. time in any house

baby dad house mom teens toddler TV watching yo gabba gabba - 2063141120
By sopranomom

Dirty Dancing Pie Chart

baby Movie Pie Chart - 6837840128
Via Bite

Creativity Reigns Supreme

baby toys junk - 7754537728
By mamapeapod

What a baby does

baby eat life Pie Chart poop scream sleep - 3143297536
By Unknown

baby lyrics Pie Chart - 3431179008
By AgainstBieber

baby Death Farmville true story venn diagram video games violence - 4112336384
By davesd816

Where you can pee v. age

adult age baby house kid Line Graph pants pee road work - 2781637632

Baby Entertainment

Babies baby Bar Graph brain cars entertainment interesting keys mobile toys - 2656594944
By Unknown
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