I'm not sure the video killed the radio guy, but it certainly makes for an entertaining topic of discussion, or even a musical classic. If you've ever wondered what would be the result if you just search for video, you won't be disappointed, but maybe try adding a second word to the phrase, you might find what you're looking for.

infographic Video - 17616385

Just How Funny Are Scuba Farts?

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math nerds Video legs - 43066369

Amputees for Math Nerds

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facebook friends internet social media twitter Video - 40016385

Motion Infographic - Social Media

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cool infographic time Video - 25875969

Big Ideas

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If I Own Any of Your Products, I'm Throwing Them Out

Ad annoying Pie Chart Video youtube - 5046342144
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glee Statistics Video - 20047617

After Tonight, What Will I Do With My Tuesday Nights?!

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I Like Both Those Things!

Bar Graph bars how i met your mother Pie Chart Video - 4743012864
infographic Video - 22391809

800,000 Americans Are Doing It Right Now!

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stephen colbert information Video politics - 83121665

Here's One Diagram That Explains Every Conspiracy Against Donald Trump

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anatomy best of week brain infographic Video - 25691393

If Only I Could Store Movies on Those 100,000 BluRay Discs

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history mac PC Video - 32562177

A Brief History of Computing Platforms

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gangnam style math nerds Music Video youtube - 42123265

Gangnam Style For Math Nerds

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Sound Is Touching Me All Over!

hearing sound Video - 5244794880
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mtv Music reality tv TV Video - 1674054400
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physics science Video - 28406273

Breaking the Speed Limit

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When I Understand a Scientific Concept.

bill nye Line Graph online sense teach textbook TV understand Video watching - 2674853376
Created by riweb