It's Okay, You Still Have Alfred

batman comics forever alone infographic movies Sad television - 4767943424
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Circle of Gas

dinosaur gas oil Sad - 5055528448
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Should Have Stayed In-State

college debt Sad venn diagram - 5206216704

Refresh Available Networks and Pray

computers internet life Pie Chart Sad truth - 4655531008
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actor celeb Death family Pie Chart Sad - 3575387648
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Venn Diagram of Feels

best of week feels happy Sad venn diagram - 6157194752
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Shades of Gray

best best of week meta Pie Chart Sad - 5118497280
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Re-Plotted: Why Did I Get Married?

Pie Chart Sad sexytimes wife - 5296047360
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Moms Are Totally Expendable

Harry Potter Pie Chart Sad voldemort - 4964237056
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I Imagine This Is Also True for Available Men

fish Maps Sad serious - 4829713408
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Way to Take the Magic Away

cartoons drugs Sad winnie the pooh - 5042541312
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I Blame Jaws

equation Sad sharks wtf - 5216450304
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Probability DVD will be scratched...

DVD Movie Sad - 1442132736
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Things that make me sad.

Sad creying batman Pie Chart - 7019311360
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How You Doin?

Hey internet Sad - 4896086272
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Why "Les Miserables" Made Me Sad

Sad Movie Pie Chart - 6930189824
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