What Pizza Actually Tastes Like

Sad pizza food - 7885817088
By Unknown

Jersey Shore's On!

marathon Pie Chart Sad TV - 5154491904
By Unknown

"Oh Sure, Your Eyes are 'Watery' Because You 'Yawned'"

crying eyes Pie Chart Sad tears - 4626287616
By Unknown

At Least Lisa Is Honest

Sad smart - 7155684864
By Unknown

Venn Diagram of Feels

best of week feels happy Sad venn diagram - 6157194752
Via Lucid Chart

The Saddest

Sad Bar Graph - 6906713600
Via Bite

Should Have Stayed In-State

college debt Sad venn diagram - 5206216704

Things that make me sad.

Sad creying batman Pie Chart - 7019311360
By XenomorphSB

From the Bottom of My Empty Glass

booze Pie Chart Sad - 4822792448
By lasombra

Probability that you have done something wrong

nothing probability Sad talk wrong - 2654878720
By Zoda-Z

Why "Les Miserables" Made Me Sad

Sad Movie Pie Chart - 6930189824
By Unknown

Back to the Grind

college Sad school summer - 5148468736
By Unknown

Holiday Dreams

Sad dreams holiday reality funny - 7433123840
By Bert-n-Ernie (Via Cagle)

That Doesn't Seem Ethical

animals infographic peta Sad - 5020481024
By GrinningRat

Refresh Available Networks and Pray

computers internet life Pie Chart Sad truth - 4655531008
By leomcf

I Imagine This Is Also True for Available Men

fish Maps Sad serious - 4829713408
Via Guardian