Things that make me sad.

Sad creying batman Pie Chart - 7019311360
By XenomorphSB

But Dogs Are so Cute

best of week crying Death dogs IRL Pie Chart Sad - 5863668224
By Lethaldonut

actor celeb Death family Pie Chart Sad - 3575387648
By nickv84

Jersey Shore's On!

marathon Pie Chart Sad TV - 5154491904
By Unknown

That Doesn't Seem Ethical

animals infographic peta Sad - 5020481024
By GrinningRat

Probability DVD will be scratched...

DVD Movie Sad - 1442132736
By EmpyreanGoddess

Moms Are Totally Expendable

Harry Potter Pie Chart Sad voldemort - 4964237056
By HarlequinBones

I Imagine This Is Also True for Available Men

fish Maps Sad serious - 4829713408
Via Guardian

Should Have Stayed In-State

college debt Sad venn diagram - 5206216704

Widow Tweed, What Are You Doing?!

Bar Graph Sad - 4748164096
By Unknown

Got Those Feels

Sad feels cry - 7761179392
By SquidInTheSky99

Has Changed Her Relationship Status to Single and Loving It

Bar Graph facebook relationships Sad - 5331399424
By Olavi15

What Pizza Actually Tastes Like

Sad pizza food - 7885817088
By Unknown

Way to Take the Magic Away

cartoons drugs Sad winnie the pooh - 5042541312
By Unknown

CDs Are Too Mainstream

gifs Music Pie Chart progress Sad technology whoa - 5099502336
By Unknown

"Oh Sure, Your Eyes are 'Watery' Because You 'Yawned'"

crying eyes Pie Chart Sad tears - 4626287616
By Unknown