Refresh Available Networks and Pray

computers internet life Pie Chart Sad truth - 4655531008
By leomcf

Back to the Grind

college Sad school summer - 5148468736
By Unknown

Circle of Gas

dinosaur gas oil Sad - 5055528448
By Unknown

Moms Are Totally Expendable

Harry Potter Pie Chart Sad voldemort - 4964237056
By HarlequinBones

It's Okay, You Still Have Alfred

batman comics forever alone infographic movies Sad television - 4767943424
By Unknown

Forever a Scapegoat

blame Pie Chart Sad work - 4871318528
By pcman1985

Way to Take the Magic Away

cartoons drugs Sad winnie the pooh - 5042541312
By Unknown

Jersey Shore's On!

marathon Pie Chart Sad TV - 5154491904
By Unknown

At Least Lisa Is Honest

Sad smart - 7155684864
By Unknown

Holiday Dreams

Sad dreams holiday reality funny - 7433123840
By Bert-n-Ernie (Via Cagle)

But Dogs Are so Cute

best of week crying Death dogs IRL Pie Chart Sad - 5863668224
By Lethaldonut

Probability DVD will be scratched...

DVD Movie Sad - 1442132736
By EmpyreanGoddess

Hope I Can Remember the Password

email Pie Chart registration Sad - 5158111232

Sadly True

best of week crazy hoarders money politics Sad - 5961483520
By SirKilmoreRyan

The Saddest

Sad Bar Graph - 6906713600
Via Bite

Why "Les Miserables" Made Me Sad

Sad Movie Pie Chart - 6930189824
By Unknown
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