Way to Take the Magic Away

cartoons drugs Sad winnie the pooh - 5042541312
Created by Unknown

That Doesn't Seem Ethical

animals infographic peta Sad - 5020481024
Created by GrinningRat

Holiday Dreams

Sad dreams holiday reality funny - 7433123840
Created by Bert-n-Ernie ( Via Cagle )

Has Changed Her Relationship Status to Single and Loving It

Bar Graph facebook relationships Sad - 5331399424
Created by Olavi15

Re-Plotted: Why Did I Get Married?

Pie Chart Sad sexytimes wife - 5296047360
Created by Unknown

Widow Tweed, What Are You Doing?!

Bar Graph Sad - 4748164096
Created by Unknown

Things that make me sad.

Sad creying batman Pie Chart - 7019311360
Created by XenomorphSB

CDs Are Too Mainstream

gifs Music Pie Chart progress Sad technology whoa - 5099502336
Created by Unknown

Songs listened to when sad

better Death dying feel happy listen Pie Chart Sad Songs - 3028499968
Created by katarine1420

The Saddest

Sad Bar Graph - 6906713600
Via Bite

Refresh Available Networks and Pray

computers internet life Pie Chart Sad truth - 4655531008
Created by leomcf

How You Doin?

Hey internet Sad - 4896086272
Created by musicalphotons ( Via )

Shoes, Really?

infographic phone Sad weird - 5065637376
Created by Unknown

But Dogs Are so Cute

best of week crying Death dogs IRL Pie Chart Sad - 5863668224
Created by Lethaldonut

Forever a Scapegoat

blame Pie Chart Sad work - 4871318528
Created by pcman1985

Venn Diagram of Feels

best of week feels happy Sad venn diagram - 6157194752
Via Lucid Chart
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