Lights, camera, action! It's movie night and time to take a look back at these favorite characters, and how funny they can really be.


Lord of the Rings Movie The Hobbit books - 7013260288
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Gandalf Problem Solving

Lord of the Rings Movie gandalf - 6961137920
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The Facts Are Strong With This One

infographic Movie star wars - 3821580544
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Line Graph Movie - 6250655232

How pissed off I am at a crying baby vs. where the baby is.

baby church kids Movie situational humor theatre - 1513019648
By Unknown

ads annoying asleep contents DVD languages Movie movies Pie Chart previews price quality sounds - 3452681728
By patmathis

Things People Say When a Movie Finishes in the Theaters

acting finish great Movie pee say theater - 3217492480
By buhbek

It's Just a Jump to Left, and Then a Step to the Right...

Pie Chart time warp Movie song - 5369477120
By sonnyphillips

When my parents walk in during a movie

sexytimes Movie parents Pie Chart - 7015772928
By Damn_that_mash_looks_tasty

Forever a Jedi

Luke forever alone star wars Movie sister Pie Chart - 5312142080
By starwarsfan11

Did you see Django? Oh me, oh my.

violence Movie Pie Chart - 6961499648
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Things Draco Malfoy says

books draco malfoy Harry Potter Movie Pie Chart - 6501051904
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Bill Murray's Life

Movie - 6345658112
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csi DNA Line Graph Movie real life time TV - 3408991744
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The Deathly Goodbyes

Harry Potter Movie Pie Chart - 4572240384
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Why "Les Miserables" Made Me Sad

Sad Movie Pie Chart - 6930189824
By Unknown
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