Lights, camera, action! It's movie night and time to take a look back at these favorite characters, and how funny they can really be.


Lord of the Rings Movie The Hobbit books - 7013260288
Via LOTR Project

Things Draco Malfoy says

books draco malfoy Harry Potter Movie Pie Chart - 6501051904
Created by Unknown

I'll Remember Him for Looking Good in That Costume

Movie Pie Chart sparta - 5070659840
Created by aceofgallifrey

Why "Les Miserables" Made Me Sad

Sad Movie Pie Chart - 6930189824
Created by Unknown

Why I'm going to see Pacific Rim

Movie Portal gladOS Pie Chart - 6915433216
Created by scribble45

control faster motivation Movie Pie Chart scary water - 3498929920
Created by SFfan

Strength of My Phone's Vibrate Function

airplane asleep Bar Graph cell phones cinema class loud Movie need nuclear war school strength vibrate walking - 2626969600
Created by iainbanana


Line Graph Movie - 6250655232

What I Wanted To Hear As A Kid

star wars Movie Pie Chart Jedi - 6867234560
Created by Unknown

Movie Kid Pyramid

creepy Movie cute pyramid - 7044656640

You Just Wait

best of week draco malfoy Harry Potter Movie Pie Chart - 6082880512
Created by Potterheadforever

This Movie Is Piss-Poor

Movie peeing Pie Chart poor thoughts - 4269208320
Created by Seanco999

Movie popcorn vs. Time

eating Line Graph Movie Popcorn previews quick start time waiting - 2986456320
Created by EliCarro

How happy my dog is to see me

Bar Graph day dinner mail Movie seconds work - 2610349056
Created by dEbBiE-o

He'll Eat All the Things

animals goat Movie - 5157754880
Created by Joeloney

It's Just a Jump to Left, and Then a Step to the Right...

Pie Chart time warp Movie song - 5369477120
Created by sonnyphillips
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