I Think You've Hurrrrrrd Enourrrrrff

best of week cat derp drunk yawn - 6018586368
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Derp the perp

poop - 4896958464
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Errrrrrr Currrrrrrk

Ad coke derp soda - 6277937408
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Derpcraft and Wizurrdry

Harry Potter wizard - 4970849280
By Unknown

invisible wedgie ur doin it rite

baseball derp Sportderps sports - 4134891008
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Taylor DERPner!

Celebriderp that face twilight - 5041089536

Aladderps Genie Does teh Scrurrrrrrrm

aladdin cartoons disney Movies and Telederp - 5897524736
By knife-hider

Derpy Hurrrurrr Picturrr Show

Movie Movies and Teled - 6388716288
By Mortuaryjoe

Fail Boat's Baby Cousin

derp rollercoaster - 3731666176
By Unknown

ERMAHGERD Herd Der's Nerght

Ermahgerd Music song the Beatles - 6540092416
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Meh Fravrit Perderders

berks best of week derp food gersberms - 6129499136
By Unknown

Wurrrrr Mah Neck?

derp neck - 5217060096
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derp judge simon cowell TV - 6436618240
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Shoop Da Urrrrrrgh

best of week derp imma firin mah lazor shoop da whoop shot put sports - 5765562880
By deadmeat1492

Ironic Derp

derp glasses hipster - 4284356864
See all captions By PoopissesMD
celeb Video - 5819137

Never Living This One Down

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