Herney Ber Ber Cherd

Ermahgerd TV - 6681229568

It's Soooo Furrrrrst!

derp rollercoaster - 5971212544
See all captions Created by knife-hider

I whip hy hurrrrrrrr back and forth

derp Music willow smith - 4143847680
See all captions Created by djkatscan

Profile Pics in Durrr Mirrurrrrr

derp phone profile pics - 6260725248

Nope, Still Hot

celeb derp hawt - 3731665664

Restart to End Derp

computer cross eyed derp girl that face - 4293555712
Created by smooky


soccer Sportderps sports - 4554132992
See all captions Created by jenn26

I Like Charmandurrrrr

best of week charmander kid miniderp Pokémon - 5276541184
See all captions Created by RythmicReaper


critters - 4698035456
Created by derpdertle

Not the Bride for a Reason

derp derp face ugly - 4401470464
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Science Derp

derp glasses science - 6036753152
Created by kimigetsu

May the Furrrce Be with You

critters dogs head star wars - 4383800064
See all captions Created by Icanhasabigcheezeburgerorelse

Kitteh Will Derp All Ovurr The House

cat critters kitteh - 4971712512
See all captions Created by 1stplayerhater


derp Ermahgerd microphone tasty - 6416686336

Ultimate Wedgie? You Be The Judge

derp wedgie - 3731956480

Currrreepy Pokemon

best of week charmander creepy derp pikachu Pokémon wtf - 5568800512
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